Monday, June 17, 2013

Saving the World... one class at a time

I am headed to Seattle Washington later this week to present at the Inequities in Breastfeeding Support Symposium.  I will be offering a culturally specific view of barriers African-American women face in their lactation journeys and strategies normative culture providers can use to preserve, protect, and promote successful lactation.  I am very excited to present this information to a wider audience though I have given this talk about 10 times in the past two years at various local and national conferences.  I look forward to seeing Seattle (my first trip out there- though I have a feeling it won't be my last) home of Bastyr University and Penny Simkin (whom I will miss completely while I'm there- she'll be traveling).  I'm grateful to the planners of this conference to attempt a 'white privilege' take on this topic.  I hope it draws a broad audience.  I have two more invitations this Fall to present my topic and plan to attend the AABC conference in Minneapolis in September (a very busy month for conferences).
While I am gainfully unemployed and unschooled, I am taking advantage of the 'free' time to build an empire. (Insert wry smile.) I am quite excited about my business, 'Perinatal ReSource'  ( and the products I am producing.  I am producing books and curriculum like a mad fiend, and I am excited for where this company/school is headed.  I am teaching my first class through Perinatal ReSource on Monday nights.  Perinatal Academy has four very diverse students for the initial class.  It is 16 weeks of all things maternal- infant.  I wrote it, I teach it, and I will evaluate its value.  I want to do other niche education, and to that end, am on the lookout for coalitions, and alliances.
I'm still waiting to hear back from Frontier, whether or not I'm accepted into the Fall class, and what of my credits they will accept.   There are so many irons in the fire right now.  Things are going well, my life is quite productive, and many, many things seem possible. I want to use my time wisely this summer and set into motion projects that will have lasting impact.  I plan to keep my readers posted and how my book writing is going (I currently have two book contracts with two different publishers), the status of my nonprofit, Uzazi Village (I'm working on our annual report today- we're coming up on the end of our first fiscal year), and gearing up for hosting my first (of many) annual symposiums on perinatal health disparities.  So its off to work I go (at my dining room table- my makeshift home office).  There's much to be done in the battle against perinatal health disparities.

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