Friday, June 14, 2013

Midwives in the Making

I've decided to resume my writing on this blog.  I was trying to wait until I had definitive news to report, but I may not know for a while still.  The big news?  I am no longer in the midwifery program at KU.  I have instead applied to the Frontier at-a-distance program and am waiting to hear back about my application.  I don't wish to elaborate, but the experience has made me more determined than ever to complete my degree and start my career.  I have a much better understanding of why there are no midwives of color in the states of Kansas and Missouri,   The midwifery model of care is a beautiful model of care.  I absolutely do believe that it can be a part of the answer to health disparities, HOWEVER, midwives (and their professional associations) have not made this a priority.  With due deference to those who have tried to bridge the disparities gap, neither have they made the healthcare impact they should have made by now, leaving the women who might best benefit from midwifery care with the least access to it.   I have re-committed myself to the goal of Uzazi Village to restore the community midwife.  I understand much better now, why I must start my practice, and within that practice give midwifery students of color a place to be supported and nurtured.  To that end, Uzazi Village has started a new group, "Midwives in the Making."  This group is open to any aspiring midwife pursuing any path to midwifery, but it is ESPECIALLY a safe haven for women of color to nurture their dreams of becoming midwives.  We will meet the last Sunday of the month from 6-8pm and will rotate between member homes to share a meal and share our stories.  This is how I currently feel led to fight for my community.  To carry on in my own personal fortitude, courage, and moral veracity to make a space that does not currently exist for aspiring midwives of color. 

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