Monday, June 11, 2012

What it is, What it isn't

This blog is not about my experiences as a student midwife.  While I might feel compelled to journal about some of those experiences, this is not a student midwife blog.  This is a visionary's blog.  This blog is about manifesting an impossible dream: community-centered care for an outcast population.  These women and babies have been thrown away by our society- left to scavenge the crumbs of the healthcare system.  No one really cares about what happens to them- except to the extent that they can be exploited for profit.  This blog is about creating a model of care that truly cares.  I don't consider myself gifted for this task, but I do feel I am called to it.  I extend an open hand to those who would join me in the work.  It is no small undertaking.  It will take all of us.  Consider this your engraved invitation to the revolution.

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