Sunday, December 1, 2013

Retreat, Retrench, and Regroup

After a long hiatus from this blog, I am back.  I'm happy to report that I have made what I hope will be a game-changing decision. Starting in January I will no longer be attending anyone else's meetings on a regular basis.  I will maintain my memberships in all the professional organizations I am associated with by paying my dues but I will no longer be in regular attendance at meetings.  It eats up too much of my valuable time and there is very little return on investment.  Same with conferences, I will invest time in planning my own, but I won't assist with others (though I will continue to present at conferences and attend conferences).  My energy is best used on my own work so I'm stepping out of other projects.  I'm happy to announce that the conference I wanted to hold in 2014 is happening.  It will be the "Midwest Black Doulas and Midwives Retreat- featuring Dr. Ameena Ali" on June 6-8, 2014.   I'm hoping it will draw birth workers of color from around our region who wish to discuss issues pertinent to our community and pertinent to our role in improving perinatal health outcomes.  I did not get into a CNM program this past Fall or this coming Spring.  I will reapply next Fall.  I will also be busy training for my Black Infant Mortality Awareness Walk next September.  I am putting together a team to help me with the walk.  If you are interested in walking with me or being a member of the team, go to and click on the Black Infant Mortality Awareness Walk page.  I'm excited to be rethinking where I will put my energy, time and resources.  Most will go to my family, followed by Uzazi Village, and my book writing.  When I restart school, that of course, will take up the bulk of my time.  It feels good to close ranks and be more focused.  I'm also hoping it will make me more effective.

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